Brendan Tripp Elam Transplant Center Patient Stories

Learn about some of our transplant patients and how they are thriving!


The Brendan Tripp Elam Transplant Center at Children’s Mercy Kansas City specializes in pediatric heart, liver and kidney transplants as well as multi-organ transplants like heart-liver, heart-kidney and liver-kidney. Our experienced clinicians focus on the best treatment plan for each child, and we aim to be the destination for holistic, innovative and unparalleled transplant care for all children.

For referrals or questions, please contact us:

Transplant Center (816) 302-3088 | Heart Transplant (816) 302-8045 

Kidney Transplant (816) 302-3304 | Liver Transplant (816) 460-1010 

zack web

Heart Transplant


Zack, 12

Zack came to Children’s Mercy with restrictive cardiomyopathy. His heart squeezed ok, but relaxation was not so great, which ultimately led him to need a heart transplant. Learn more about his story and how he is thriving today.

Watch Zack's story here.


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Kidney Transplant


Clara, 3

Before Clara was born, she was diagnosed with cloaca—a kind of anorectal malformation, that can also cause kidney complications. By age one, she needed a kidney transplant, and her mom was a match. Read more about Clara’s story and how she is doing today.

Read Clara's story here.


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Liver Transplant


Lacie, 14

Lacie started her journey at Children’s Mercy right when she was born. She came to our NICU to remove a hamartoma cyst on her liver. During that time, her medical team discovered she had biliary atresia. After 14 years of liver appointments, she was diagnosed with Hepatopulmonary Syndrome (HPS) and would need a liver transplant. Read about her journey and how she’s doing after her liver transplant.

Read Lacie's story here.